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People's Choice Community Lottery
30 May 2017

Help us to help those affected by road crashes.  People’s Choice Credit Union Community Lottery tickets can be purchased online.  Just select Road Trauma Support as the organization you wish to support.

Accommodation for families of road trauma
30 May 2017

RTST has extended its services to include assistance with accommodation when families need to stay in Adelaide for hospital or rehabilitation visits, Court or Coronial proceedings and meetings with SAPOL investigators or the DPP.

Fatality Free Friday
20 May 2017

To raise awareness of road safety we need to influence everyone that drives to be conscious and think about road safety and safe driving.  Fatality Free Friday is a day that nationally we all strive to have one day free from road deaths in Australia. 

Road Trauma Support Team of South Australia
Counselling and support groups for those affected by road trauma

The Road Trauma Support Team of South Australia provides free counselling and support for people who have been affected by road trauma, whether directly or indirectly.  This may include but not be limited to, vehicle occupants, family members, friends, work colleagues, witnesses, bystanders and emergency service personnel.

Free counselling is available to individuals and families affected by road trauma.

RTST holds a monthly Support Group Meeting which is facilitated by a qualified counsellor.




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"Pain is a real thing that you cannot see..."
Before I begin my story I would just like to say that each and everyone one of us has a story to tell and this is my story which I do not want you to compare with yours.  Everyone is unique and so are your life’s experiences.

The long road of grief is made no easier by having been there before.  Each new day brings new challenges and renewed sadness. 
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